bookSelling today is more complicated than ever before. Customers are smarter and more informed, markets are more complex and competitive, and technology is changing the world at an incredible speed. In most sectors, the old ways of product functions & features selling or dialing for dollars is coming to an end. Yes, there are still companies who are using the old ways. But these are not the high ticket items with the intention of building life time clients. Studies have shown that today’s buyers don’t engage with the sellers until at least 70% of the buying process is completed. So sellers have little time to influence the buying decision. So what is the solution. With over 80% of the buyers using the internet and social networks to make buying decisions the savvy sales leaders are establishing themselves as thought leaders and customer advocates in social media. This is the new approach to selling. ‘BE THERE’ before the customer has even realized that he/she needs your products & services.